Let’s meet Oleksiy Golovchenko ¬ Environment Lead on Alita and Deadpool 2

Hi everyone,
Last night, during a Live on Twitch, we’ve had the pleasure to invite a very talented Matte Painter and Concept Artist, now Environment Supervisor who worked for MPC and DNEG : Oleksiy Golovchenko.
We’ve had a very good discussion around his Art, how he got into Matte Painting, starting his journey in Ukraine to end up in Vancouver, one of the biggest Visual Effects Capital and become a supervisor.
Together, we’ve looked at a lot of images, making of and before/afters and Oleksiy took us through all the most recent project he’s done, telling us stories or sharing the struggle and challenge he and his team faced.

Here are a couple of images we’ve presented in this video.

If you want to see more of Oleksiy’s work, here is his Artstation.

I would like to thank him again for having taken the time to share all this experience with us and will let you enjoy this one hour long discussion!

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