How to create an aerial shot in 2.5D | Matte Painting and Camera Projection in Nuke

When I worked on Unknown, in 2011, which unfortunately only seduced 55% of the critics on RottenTomatoes, I’ve had to create a shot where Liam Neeson, on a plane, were looking through the window at some clouds formations.
I think this shot appears during the opening title or at the very beginning of the film.

To realise this shot, I had extracted some clouds and had put them in a 2.5D setup in Nuke. Camera Projection was much faster than going 3D, and even if the flexibility was not amazing, it was efficient and were fitting the budget. With a bit of compositing (or a lot in this case), the result was convincing enough.

In this video, I will demonstrate the whole process, from the clouds extraction, to the camera projection setup. I will show how to find the right position in space for your layer to make sure the parallax is fine.
And I’ll show you my guitar!


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