Stranger Things : Creation of a Matte Painting

I am a huge fan of Stranger Things, probably because I am the perfect target for this show. Born in 1979 (yes, I’m 32…) these kids were exactly what I wanted to be at the time.
I loved walkie talkie, I’ve played Dungeons and Dragons and I loved The Neverending Story… still do…
The difference is: I’ve never had to fight any monsters coming from a parallel dimension. I guess my life was quite boring after all then!

I think the look of the TV Show is great, I love the style, the colours, the production design in general, and I wanted to show you how to create a shot in the Stranger Things Universe.

In this first part, I will show you the whole process to create this :

Here is how to do it from scratch:

Then, I was thinking : maybe we could add a camera move in this image. So I’ve decided to do a Live Stream on Twitch to show how to do that.
Here is the whole process of how to setup a Camera Projection in Nuke after having split the image in multiple layers.

Hope you’ll enjoy!

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