Partnership with FXPHD

Today is a big day, it’s the day where I announce a new partnership between The Patreon Keep Calm I’m in VFX and FXPHD.

As you know, I’ve been doing a lot of Tutorials for FXPHD, an amazing learning platform for Visual Effects. I think most of the Matte Painting if not all of the matte painting classes are from me. I’ve also created a few curriculum and organised a few VFX courses where we were doing a full shot.

FXPHD is happy to offer a 30% Discount for the new subscription for my Patreons!
This code will change every few weeks, so you’ll have to use it as soon as you have it. The actual code which I’ll give will be valid until March 15th.

I will publish it in a few days on my Patreon. To benefit from this Promo Code, you just need to subscribe to one of my Tiers offering it:

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