Terminator and T2 Behind the Scenes

I am one if this kids who watched Terminator probably earlier that I should have and who managed to get to see T2 in the cinema by bringing an ID.
I have a very vivid memory of this day. I was with my uncle, these movies are NOT what my parents would have enjoyed at the time, and we went to see it in a small cinema in the French small city where I grew up, 25km away from Paris.

T2 blew my mind. I remember feeling this very strong shock of excitement, combined with the feeling I just had experienced something that no one had experienced before.

Then, I’ve read articles, discovered the usage of CG, amazing practical effects, Stan Winston, and I’ve started to genuinely develop a strong interest for the VFX and SFX Industry.

Tons of Articles already have been published about these movies, but I really wanted to have “something” about the Terminator franchise on this blog, as a sign of gratitude, to simply say “thank you”.
I chose to go for a simple gallery of a few images from the Set.

A few months ago, we’ve watched Terminator with VFX Supervisor Paul Franklin and VFX Journalist Ian Failes.

It was a great night! The principle is super simple, we just all watch the film at the same time, and we follow the comments, share some stories, images, behind de scenes, etc.
If you want to enjoy these comments again, here is the recording! Just find you a copy of Terminator, and press play at the right time!

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