What makes a good Manager ?

I have been managing people in the Visual Effects Industry for quite a long time now.
As many others, I started as a Lead; I was doing matte painting at the time, for DNEG London. A few years later I became a Matte Painting Supervisor, then a Environment Supervisor. After a few shows in this role, I moved to Framestore Montreal as Head of Environment, before flying back to the UK as Head of Digital Matte Painting for DNEG again. Finally, I moved to the Head of CG position for London, and now for the Montreal Studio.

All these steps in my career helped me to develop my understanding of management, which is really multi-layered, fascinating, and definitely more complexed that I had anticipated. From appreciating the skillsets of your team, without falling into the common mistake to think everyone is a duplicate of yourself, to accepting to let your favourite artists grow into other positions and accepting to lose them for new ones, being a manager also brings his challenges.

This Behind the green screen will share my thoughts on the subject.

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